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on my own.... [24 Jun 2007|07:59pm]
i can do it
ive done it before
i can do it again
this is how it`s supposed to be.
it`s how i came in
and it`s how i`ll leave
only the strong can
and i am strong
i don`t need anyone
i can get through it on my own
i`m only as strong as i choose to be
i came in like a lamb
but i intend to leave like a lion
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wishing i could erase an entire year yet holding on way to tightly to let go... [15 Feb 2007|07:57pm]
[ mood | eh..fuck me ]

memories of yester-year come rolling back now and again. especially now. ugh! why? here i go dipping into shit that i know that i shouldn't be. but part of reminising is her so i guess i kinda can`t help it. or perhaps i can and i just don`t care to. whatever. not like it matters much longer. i catch myself waking up in a cold sweat every now and then. just thinking about it. missing it. what the fuck is wrong with me? i can let everything else go, everyone else go, but...
i miss writing like i used to. having someone to read it. someone who gets it. gets me. thats another thing i miss. my friend. the one who never judged me. never asked questions. just knew. i miss that alot these days. sucks cause ill never get it back.
i need writing for my sanity though. its the only thing that truly makes me happy. yet everytime i go to put that pen to paper, memories flood back. memories that make me cry. alot. whatever. doesn`t matter anymore. i miss how good i was. i miss the joy it used to bring me. now it`s just pain. and it sucks. only her to take away from me the only thing i could truly count on. typical.

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want them answered on the spot right now . [12 Sep 2006|12:05am]
[ mood | a wee bit confused... ]

college is fabulous. my roomates are phenomenal & my friends are definitely some of the best. honestly, my classes are kind of interesting. although the impact of the work load is hitting me full force. i`m truly enjoying myself in every aspect of my college experience right now. confusion as usual comes along with the territory of the male species. i thought that confusion such as that ended with my high school years.but i was obviously very wrong. less than two weeks in school and i`m already knee deep. i have so many questions that it`s ridiculous but i`ve never been this comfortable and happy in my life. so i guess, it`s the place to be.

& that`s about as much as i care to elaborate on at this moment =)

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[28 Jun 2006|02:27am]
heres the first chapter of my novel =)

Fast Speeds At High FrequencyCollapse )
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